Referral program or how you can earn on your friendship

TestMyOffers is a modern tool for checking tracking links. Our main purpose is to avoid sending traffic on broken links. In the one line with anti fraud tools our checker will help you to choose reliable partners and save your money and time. 

Referral program
We love that we do and aim to make work of our customers not just easier, but also profitable. Our referral program will help each client to get additional source of profit. Invite you friends and earn 25% from their subscription. 

How does it work?
To invite your friend to TMO you should get invitation link. To request it we go to tab “Affiliates” in the left side menu. 

Press button “Send request” and choose “Financial”.

We’ll receive your request and send the invitation link. Invited person should follow this link and login account or make new one. When the first subscription will be done you receive your profit. 

If you have questions ask us through helpdesk or in Skype.