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Affise– performance marketing platform to manage, track, analyze and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time.

Our plugin is available on Affise Marketplace and it will check selected offers for a specified period of time. Once an offer is checked, you’ll be provided with the test results in a separate report. Once an offer is inactive, you’ll be notified additionally.

As a result, you will have an opportunity to avoid sending traffic on broken links and save your time for checking such offers. 

How it works?

For a testing purpose CPI offers are taken by Testmyoffers plugin.

Why CPI offers are taken for checking?
As a rule, CPI offers redirection flow leads a user either to Android Playmarket or to AppleStore to the application itself.

That’s why Testmyoffers special tool can easily check a chain of redirects for such a type of offers and find out which one is ‘broken’.

As for CPI offers, this type of offers are identified based on the offer’s settings on Affise side:

CPI button (Offer’s Settings - > General - > CPI) should be checked if you’d like to test the offer with the help of Testmyoffers plugin.

How to start testing CPI offers?

1. First, you should create account on our side and get access to it.

2. To launch a testing process, you’ll need to go to General tab -> find your own Testmyoffers API key which you will later use on Affise side and set IP range: IP Range should be set as follows for all Affise clients:

3. Log in your admin panel in Affise and proceed with opening plugin’s settings:

a) Enable: To make Testmyoffers plugin work for your campaigns, turn on ‘Enable’ button

b) TestMyoffers API key: Place your Testmyoffers API key generated in your own Testmyoffers account.

c) Partners for track url testing: Choose the needed partner. The partner chosen will be used for a real test of offer’s redirection flow. As a rule, you can choose a partner that you use for testing purposes.
Notice: The partner should be enabled to all the offers that Testmyoffers plugin need to check. Otherwise, only public offers will be checked by the plugin.

d) Check all offers: once a button is ‘ON’, all the CPI offers will be checked.

e) Checking period (Hour): you can set a desired period for checking out of a drow-down menu.

The period you choose as a rule depends on the number of offers that need to be checked. Notice: testing process of one offer takes some time. That’s why to avoid situations when one testing process is not yet finished and the other one is already started, set ‘checking period’ as ‘24H’.

Where can I check the results of offers’ checking?

When a testing process is finished, you can check the results in your Statistics – > Testmyoffers:


Created at: when the testing process has been started.

Finished at: when the testing process has been finished.

Tested: how many offers have been checked and tested.

Broken links| Report: a number of offers with broken links and a related report when you can check on the reason of failed checking and other additional details.

Once opening a report for broken links, you will see the following information:


Date: date and time of report creation.

Offer: Offer ID that has been checked and tested.

Country: Country that has been used for testing purposes. Notice: Country is taken from the offer’s payouts settings to make sure that a testing click matches all the offer’s targeting restrictions.

Device: Device that has been used for testing purposes. Notice: Device is taken from the offer’s payouts settings to make sure that a testing click matches all the offer’s targeting restrictions.

Preview URL: Preview tracking link.

Track: Tracking URL that has been used for a test.

Store: a store that a tracking URL leads to: ex. Apple Store

App ID: Application ID

Reason: a reason why an offer has failed the test: ex. App ID mismatch. It means that Application ID that a tracking URL leads to and Application ID a tracking URL should lead to are different. Which is for sure not desirable and redirection flow is broken.

Status: status of checking process.

Report: here you can find and download a second type of report which will include results of checking for all the offers including those with broken links. In this very report you’ll be able to see the following information:


Offer: Offer ID that has been checked and tested by the plugin.

Test result link: a link that you can place one in your browser and see the information on the chain of redirects, which link has been used for checking, device&GEO and other details on the test in your Testmyoffers account:

Should you have any further doubts or questions on Testmyoffers plugin work, feel free to contact our support team via Helpdesk