API documentation updated

TestMyOffers application programming interface

API is application progamming interface. It allows you use external service in the same way as you use your own. You just need to be connected with it.

Many of our customers prefer to use API tests instead manual. It helps them to minimize “monkey job” and do more productively. We’re happy to help them with it. Our public API allows put offer in test and get result of it. Also you can group offers in batch and get result in the same way. Special autotest API allows to manage your scheduled test – you can create, edit or delete them. Also you can get result of test.

Recently we updated API documentation and added some Python examples of using it but some of our customers asked more examples in other languages (like PHP, Javascript). We made these examples for you and believe it will help you integrate our service in your plaform and use our service more productively.

Don’t hesitate contact us if you have any question. We’re always glad to help you.