How to track affiliate links programs?

How to track affiliate links

Tracking URL, or link tracking, is used in marketing to monitor and determine the effectiveness of marketing promotions and advertising campaigns. The technology allows you to track affiliate link programs, reducing time costs and saving you from the routine work. In other words, tracking URL is tracking the number of clicks, clicking on links.

Without tracking, it is impossible to determine the source and the target of traffic, the effectiveness of certain sources or the effectiveness of the advertisement itself. The click-through counter is implemented using special tools and functions.

Our system is developed using our own experience in the field of mobile marketing. For several years, we have accumulated requirements and wishes for the affiliate link programs tracking system, and now we are pleased to bring to your attention TestMyOffers – a modern tool for testing affiliate links.

How to track affiliate links with TestMyOffers?

When working with affiliate networks or individual offers directly, it is important to correctly specify the tracking link. Using several partner networks or individual offers, there are difficulties with tracking and performance evaluation. With the help of the TestMyOffers functionality, you can collect all the data in one place, on one platform and, thus, reduce everything into a single statistic.

The process of tracking affiliate link programs is as follows:

  1. Enter a tracked link.
  2. Choose the type of operating system.
  3. Specify the OS version.
  4. Choose a country.
  5. Enter the localization parameters (available only for commercial plans).
  6. Specify the type of network to track (available only for commercial plans).
  7. Run the test, wait a few seconds and get a detailed report.

As a result, you will receive detailed statistics in which for each intermediate host all the necessary information is listed: company name, logo, number of transitions, etc.

If you have additional questions about how to track affiliate links, please contact our technical support. We care about the comfort of our customers, because this is the key to success.

TestMyOffers is not just a modern traffic tracking product. We have created a system that will automate routine work, thereby saving a lot of time. And it, in turn, can be spent on more useful tasks, at times increasing the efficiency of work. Start today – do not postpone!