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Affiliate marketing software and tools

It is easy to get confused among a large number of programs, websites and tools, but it is even more difficult to select the best affiliate marketing software. Affiliate link trackers are quite diverse and a modern marketer cannot work properly without them. They should help monitor the performance of your campaigns, suggest the right choice of tools to optimize and effectively manage your advertising.

Having made a choice in favor of our tracker, you will have a fairly wide range of possibilities: tracking the quality of your traffic, the ability to collect accurate statistical data and analyze them. Affiliate marketing tools software TestMyOffers is a modern leading platform that will make your work much easier.

Advantages of mobile affiliate marketing system TestMyOffers

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and track advertising campaigns. Use all the capabilities of the platform to monitor advertising of any scale. With TestMyOffers it is not difficult. The tool has several advantages:

  • The possibility of flexible settings. Our affiliate marketing tools software works in such a way that you can test a link with a minimum amount of data. Of course, the result will be more accurate if there are a lot of details, but this is not a prerequisite.

  • Easy to use platform. To get started, you do not even need to register. The interface is intuitive, to understand it is not difficult.

  • Accurate system of compact reports. Have you ever seen a very brief report with all the necessary information? Of course, it is much easier and more pleasant to work with such a report. It is in this form that you will see the test results for TestMyOffers.

  • The presence of a blacklist. In the sphere of mobile affiliate marketing, there are often unscrupulous partners. With the help of our tool, you can quickly identify those and blacklist them.

  • Working with a mobile network. The system conducts tracking links using the 3G network, if necessary. The most popular operators in most countries of the world are supported.

If you are still unsure whether to use TestMyOffers, do a free test. No registration is required for this – just enter the data on the main page and start the tracker. After receiving the result after a few seconds, you will see for yourself that we have created the best affiliate marketing software ever!