Checking my offers for mobile marketing. Best offers check!

TestMyOffers for checking offers

In the field of mobile marketing, checking offers is a demanded feature that almost every company needs. Tracking affiliate links allows you to obtain reliable data about partners you are working with. Using our service, you will be able to perform offers check quickly and easily, resulting in an accurate report.

Benefits of checking offers with TestMyOffers

Using our service, you can achieve amazing results with a few clicks. To get started, you do not even need to register – just enter the necessary data and start the test. Unregistered users have one attempt every hour.

If you have a thought “I need to check my offers, but how can I do it?”, do not hesitate – come to us. TestMyOffers is an innovative service, thanks to which traffic tracking will cease to be a complex technical process with a bunch of obscure terms, and will become a daily non-trivial task.

The advantages of working with us:

  • Ease of use. The interface is extremely clear and has nothing superfluous. In order to check my offers, it is enough to enter the initial data, insert the tested link and start the test.

  • Using the service without registration. If you need to monitor traffic infrequently – use a free test that does not require registration of your account and payment of the tariff. There is only one restriction on the functionality here – you cannot select the type of network for tracking. Otherwise, the system works in exactly the same way as in other cases.

  • Detailed report. Despite the simple presentation of information, as a result you get the most complete and specific report. For each host you can see the number of conversions, the logo and company name, etc.

  • Automatic testing. If checking offers for you is a regular operation – automate it. In order to help you with this task, we have created an API that allows you to monitor traffic regularly without your presence.

  • Blacklist. You can add unscrupulous partners to the blacklist in order to exclude the possibility of working with it in the future. In order to perform this action it’s enough to do a few clicks.

With TestMyOffers, you’ll forget about the routine and difficult work of tracking user traffic. For mobile marketing offers check is an indispensable feature that will save a lot of time and effort. Still not sure if it’s worth it? Take advantage of free tests and feel all the benefits of using our product by yourself!