BEST affiliate marketing tools – HERE!

affiliate marketing tools — HERE

Often, marketers are faced with the task of evaluating the performance of a particular affiliate link using affiliate marketing tools. For example, you have 2 blogs, and on both of them you wrote the same marketing text with a commercial offer. And affiliate links from both articles lead to the same page of your site.

A logical question arises: how do you know which of your blogs brings you the most benefit? In solving this problem, TestMyOffers service will become an indispensable assistant.

Why do we confidently call our product the best affiliate marketing tools?

By collecting statistics on a certain number of conversions, you can understand by what parameters it goes better, and by what parameters it does not exist at all. Therefore, by setting up filters on the source, you will be able to filter out non-converting transitions and, thereby, reduce the cost of buying traffic.

But other trackers do a good job with these tasks. Why should you choose TestMyOffers? There are several reasons for this:

  • Easy to use. To get started, you just need to insert an affiliate link in the appropriate field, specify the type and version of the OS, specify some localizing parameters and run the test.

  • Speed. The service works at lightning speed – within a few seconds after the start of the test, you will get the result.

  • High-quality, concise report. The final information the user receives in a simple and understandable form, nothing superfluous. But despite this, it includes all the necessary information: host, company name, logo (if any), as well as the number of conversions.

  • Fine tuning. If necessary, you can specify the locale for the test. This will help make it more accurate.

  • Working with 3G. We also track through mobile networks of the most popular mobile operators in most countries of the world.

  • No need to register. If you need only a few tests during the day – use the free check, which is available once an hour.

The functionality of the system fully meets the needs of the modern mobile marketing. We created the best affiliate marketing tools based on our own experience in this area.

If you are tired of the routine work and want to automate the testing process, we have created an API for you. It allows to track links in automatic mode, without the need for a person to participate in the process. Do not hesitate – try it out now, make sure of the effectiveness of our system today!