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TestMyOffers for checking offers
Checking my offers for mobile marketing. Best offers check!

In the field of mobile marketing, checking offers is a demanded feature that almost every company needs. Tracking affiliate links allows you to obtain reliable data about partners you are working with. Using our service, you will be able to perform offers check quickly and easily, resulting in an accurate report. Benefits of checking offers with TestMyOffers Using our service, you can achieve amazing results with a few clicks. To get started, you do not even need to register – just enter the necessary data and start the test. Unregistered users have one attempt every hour. If you have a thought “I need to check […]


Affiliate marketing software and tools
TestMyOffers – the best affiliate marketing software and tools ever!

It is easy to get confused among a large number of programs, websites and tools, but it is even more difficult to select the best affiliate marketing software. Affiliate link trackers are quite diverse and a modern marketer cannot work properly without them. They should help monitor the performance of your campaigns, suggest the right choice of tools to optimize and effectively manage your advertising. Having made a choice in favor of our tracker, you will have a fairly wide range of possibilities: tracking the quality of your traffic, the ability to collect accurate statistical data and analyze them. Affiliate marketing tools software TestMyOffers is […]


How to track affiliate links
How to track affiliate links programs?

Tracking URL, or link tracking, is used in marketing to monitor and determine the effectiveness of marketing promotions and advertising campaigns. The technology allows you to track affiliate link programs, reducing time costs and saving you from the routine work. In other words, tracking URL is tracking the number of clicks, clicking on links. Without tracking, it is impossible to determine the source and the target of traffic, the effectiveness of certain sources or the effectiveness of the advertisement itself. The click-through counter is implemented using special tools and functions. Our system is developed using our own experience in the field of mobile marketing. For […]


TestMyOffers application programming interface
API documentation updated

API is application progamming interface. It allows you use external service in the same way as you use your own. You just need to be connected with it. Many of our customers prefer to use API tests instead manual. It helps them to minimize “monkey job” and do more productively. We’re happy to help them with it. Our public API allows put offer in test and get result of it. Also you can group offers in batch and get result in the same way. Special autotest API allows to manage your scheduled test – you can create, edit or delete them. Also you can get […]